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racing pigeon health tips

~By Robins Web~

Experience is the best teacher...

  •     Remember to have a succesful racing season your birds must be in top health! If not you will never be in the prizes. Be sure to clean your feeders and waters out each week with bleach and soap.This will keep the bacteria level and virus level down.
    Also be sure to have your young birds innocculated for pmv,pox,and paratyphoid. I have seen lofts with pmv,and it not only ruins your race season,but you will lose alot of birds. Pox is the lesser of the three evils,as it usually will cause your team to slow down,and not perform well but it will not kill them.You can have the most expensive birds in the world, but if they are not healthy,you will not win any prizes.................................................

For more health tips on racing pigeon health go to my main hawkbait web site, by going to the link page, or by clicking on the hawkbait logo on the front page.





                                  ~HEALTH ALERT~
  There is a virus called the "Circo virus", which is an an auto immune disease that pigeons can get! It mainly affects young birds, but can affect your whole colony of birds! When a bird contracts this virus the immune system is compromised,and many opportunistic diseases will then strike your birds. some of these diseases are Paro mixo virus, herpes simplex, encephalytis,and a host of others. There is no cure for this virus yet, it has to run it's course. Be sure that your birds are vacinated for pmv,and that will help! A lot of times birds
carrying the virus, and sent to one loft races will then  infect all it's loft mates.Be very careful, as this is a very bad virus and can really set you back.

                       Prevenative Medicine

Before the race season be sure to treat your birds for canker, worms and cocci. Prevenative medicine I feel is the best for the birds as they will be stressed during the racing season,and can come up with alot of illneses.As far as antibiotics,I would not use them unless a veterinarian tells you to! Alot of bacteria are becoming resistant to most of our antibiotics that we have used for years. "Amprol" is a good choice for cocci treatment,and "Ridsol", is the best choice for canker treatment. Another thing I would recommend to everyone is to give your flyers,and breeders lots of picking stones. Either mix with your grit or give to them free choice. These picking blocks or pots are very rich in minerals that our birds do not get out of of there feed or on the ground. It can make a great deal of difference during the race season.

                 ~THE RACE SEASON~
      During the race season keep a good watch on the health of your birds! Make sure that you give the birds plenty of electrolytes,as they use alot of these salts up during an event! You can also buy electrolytes with vitamins,they are both good for the birds. Some flyers will just use gator aid in their waters. As this is full of electrolyte salts. If a bird comes home very late from an event, it is best to keep him or her by there self in a separate cage,and given electrolytes, and vitamins. This is a precaution  in case the bird picked up some kind of bacteria or virus, from bad water they may have drank on their journey home.Some flyers give an  antibacterial or viral medication to help prevent any contamination. Cleansing teas are also good for the birds, after they have recuperated from their flight......................................................................